Lab PI: Rongjun YU,  PhD (Univ. of Cambridge 2011)
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Current appointment:  
2020 -- Associate Prof. with tenure,
Department of Management, School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist Univ.
Also affiliated with Department of Sport, Physical Education and Health, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKBU; Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, HKBU
Our lab is supported by the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, HKBU.
Office: The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies WLB 722.  Ext. 3411 7581
We use behavioral and neuroscience methods to study economic and social decision making in young adults, children/adolescents/older adults, and patients with psychiatric disorders. 
Editorship:     2020-present, Associate editor, Neurobiology of Stress (IF=7.197)

PhD students can apply to one of the three departments (co-supervision arrangement is preferred):

Department of Management (GMAT/GRE required) (with Prof. Xu Huang on organizational neuroscience)

Department of Sport, Physical Education and Health  (with Prof. Julien S Baker on sport neuroscience)

Department of Physics (with Prof. Changsong Zhou on brain imaging)

Students are encouraged to apply for the Hong Kong PhD fellowship.

Students may also be supported by internal funds.

Postdoctoral positions become available periodically under a variety of research grants and projects. Also, check out RGC postdoctoral fellowship schema.

Feel free to drop me an email and find out more (


Opportunities at CFPR, NUS:

Most recent publications:

Lei W., Liu K., Chen G., Tolomeo S., ...Yu R*., Chen J*. Blunted reward prediction error signals in internet gaming disorder. Psychological Medicine.

Tolomeo S.*, Yaple Z., Yu R*.Neural representation of prediction error signals in substance users. Addiction Biology.

Wang Z., Wang Y*., Zhou X*., Yu R*.  Interpersonal brain synchronization under bluffing in strategic games. Social Cognitive And Affective Neuroscience.

Yang C., Luo L., Vadillo M., Yu R*., Shanks D. (2020). Testing boosts classroom learning: a systematic and meta-analytic review. Psychological Bulletin.

Yu R^., Sun Y^., Ye K^.., Feng Q , ……, Feng L* (2020). Cohort profile: the diet and healthy aging (DaHA) study in Singapore. Aging

Research approaches

Neuroimaging: simultaneous fMRI+EEG, fNIRS, hyperscanning

Behavioural:  Computational modelling, Eye tracking,

Pharmacological manipulation (e.g. Oxytocin), 

Research areas
Decision making under stress
Decision making in older adults
Computational psychiatry
Decision biases
Organizational neuroscience/organizational behavior


      Brain Science for Business (in prep., 2021-2022)


       2014-2020 @NUS:

PL6888 Selected topics in social and cognitive neuroscience

PL5308 Advanced social and cognitive neuroscience


PL4205 Developmental processes

PL4238 Social neuroscience

PL3260 Moral development

PL3289 Lab in decision science

Ad Hoc Journal Review (selected)

Nature Communications, PNAS, eLife, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews,

Journal of Neuroscience, Cerebral Cortex, Neuroimage, HBM,

Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience,
Child Development, Translational Psychiatry, Psychoneuroendocrinology,
Behavior Research Methods,


A selected list of journals we publish our work


Science                                                                                IF=41

Psychological bulletin                                                       IF=20.9
Behavioral and brain sciences                                        IF=17; 
PNAS                                                                                   IF=10
Nature communications                                                  IF=12;
Neuroscience & biobehavioral reviews                         IF=9

Neuroscience journals

Journal of neuroscience                                                   IF=6.1
Cerebral cortex                                                                  IF=6.1
Neuroimage                                                                       IF=6.9
Human brain mapping                                                     IF=4.5
Cortex                                                                                  IF=4.7

Journal of cognitive neuroscience                                  IF=4.7


Social cognitive and affective neuroscience                  IF=4.5

Brain structure and function                                           IF=4.0
Brain imaging and behavior                                            IF=3.4
Neuropsychologia                                                             IF=3.4
Psychophysiology                                                              IF=3.4
Neurobiology of learning and memory                         IF=3.4

Clinical journals

Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics                              IF=14.9

Neurobiology of stress                                                     IF=7.2

Pain                                                                                      IF=6

psychological medicine                                                     IF=5.6

Psychoneuroendocrinology                                             IF=4.8
Hormones and behavior                                                  IF=4.0
Journal of affective disorders                                          IF=4.2
Addiction biology                                                               IF=4.2

schizophrenia research                                                     IF=3.8

Psychology journals

Psychological science                                                         IF=7
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General                IF=5.3

Aging                                                                                     IF=5.5

Journal of gerontology: psychological science               IF=3.9
Psychology and aging                                                         IF=3.7

Journal of experimental social psychology                     IF=3.6
Journal of behavioral decision making                            IF=1.8
Cyberpsychology, behavior, and social networking      IF=2.7 

Selected Media Coverage

Straits times;

Science Daily;