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Research activities

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Q&A Seminar

Trends in Cognition and Brain Sciences (TCBS) Seminars

This seminar series provide a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns in the fields of social psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Supported by Research Development Fund and SDF.


We explore how brains form original ideas and how team dynamics promote creativity in the workplace.

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Stress and stress coping

We study how brains reconfigure their multilevel, hierarchical functional organization in response to acute stress (Wang et al.,  PNAS, 2022), how stress impacts our decision making (Yu, Neurobiology of Stress, 2016), and how to optimize stress responses. 

Organizational neuroscience

We investigate why and how people decide to engage in unethical behaviours, e.g., dishonesty (Zhen & Yu, 2022, PNAS).


Supported by Tier 2 and HSSPFS.

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