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Research dedicated 3T Prisma MRI 
​Associate Director: Rongjun YU

Location: the ground floor of the School of Continuing Education (SCE) Tower, 

9 Baptist University Road Kowloon Tong, HK.

New positions :

Radiographers X2 (MRI center): MRI daily operation, start immediately

Research Assistant X2 (MRI center):

Research Associate/scientific officer X2 (MRI center):

Research Scientist X1 (MRI):

Research Fellow X1 (lab): Social neuroscience-related fields,

RAP X1 (department): Neuromanagement-related areas,

SPEH department hire: Sport neuroscience

PhD positions (continuous): 

Potential department affiliations: Sport, Management/Marketing, Physics, SCM...

For inquiries, send your CV along with your questions to:


Neuropsychology lab equipment (1st floor, SCE tower)

About 150 square meters is allocated to host EEG/fNIRS/TMS labs.

  • Multi 64 channel EEG for hyper-scanning

Four 64-channel EGI sets and one MRI compatible EGI.

  • fNIRS

in progress

  • TMS

MagPro X100+MO, MagVenture

  • Eyetracking

Eyelink 1000 plus (MRI compatible)


  • Computing server 

Nvidia A800

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